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Motive Power 
About EnerSys in Europe
Key Facts

EnerSys supports any business that relies on motive power energy. Our strategically located manufacturing plants (France, Germany, Poland) and assembly facilities (Italy, Spain, Czech Republic) deliver maximum efficiency and rapid responsiveness, built on a culture of continuous improvement and added value for our business partners
Our long experience in battery and charger manufacturing - renowned worldwide under the former Oldham and Varta brands - has firmly established us, now with the unique Hawker brand, at the forefront of motive power technology.

Our latest developments provide full-service solutions - including batteries and chargers, with the ability to communicate with each other, extending to full fleet management systems with the potential for e.maintenance.
The Hawker EnerSys package also includes the 'start to finish', design, engineering and installation of battery charging rooms and comprehensive product and systems training for maintenance personnel. Our international sales and service network ensures rapid response and total aftersales support for all our customers.

Always highly receptive to our customers' requirements we provide energy packs for all applications: from pallet trucks, counterbalanced trucks, aerial working platforms, automated guided vehicles, cleaning and sweeping machines, to locotractors, road vehicles or even utilities.