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Motive Power 


Forklift truck batteries
  Standard batteries
Hawker Perfect Plus
  Extra performance, extended life batteries
  Low Maintenance batteries
  Hawker Water Less
  Hawker Water Less20
  Maintenance free batteries
  Hawker Evolution
  Special batteries
  Hawker Perfect Plus ATEX
  Hawker Water Less ATEX
  Battery Fleet Management
  Power Management
  WI IQ - battery monitoring device
  Hawker HF chargers - Modular design
  Hawker Lifetech/Life IQ Modular
  NexSys COMpact/Life COMpact
  LifeSpeed iQ
  Hawker HF chargers - standard design
  SHF- chargers for blocs
  Hawker 50Hz chargers
  ME/ME II/TE 8MSE/8TSE 8TSE + air pump
  Hawker MotionLine
Hawker MasterLine puls/EU
Hawker MultiLine WOWa
Hawker MultiLine IWUIa
Small traction batteries: cleaning machines, AGVs, leasure, small electric vehicles
  NexSys 12V batteries
  Power Management
Rail solutions

Decades of experience, renowned throughout the world under the former Oldham and Varta brands, enables EnerSys® to promote Hawker® as the trade mark of robust and highly cost-effective solutions precisely matching all manner of motive power requirements and applications. Vast knowledge and expertise in lead-acid batteries of all technologies (flooded, low maintenance and maintenance free) gives us the unmatched ability to provide products, systems and services that offer optimal performance and service life.
Our philosophy drives a program of continuous improvements in performance and technical features. The recently developed energy solutions: NexSys®, IRONCLAD® and new range of modular HF chargers, NexSys®, Lifetech®, Life iQ™ and LifeSpeed iQ™ , have defined new benefits for our customers: faster recharge, more machine availability, lower operating and investment costs, reduced carbon footprint.
EnerSys also has many years experience in the total concept of battery charging rooms. From initial design to full installation and project management we can provide a bespoke system which is space efficient, cost effective, compliant with the latest safety regulations - and tailored to meet the customer's individual requirements.